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Despite the weather forecast looking bleak, the sun shone through for most of the day and a great time was had by all.

There were 36 adult teams, and 9 junior teams battling it out to see who could have the most fun, the most worn out legs, the most laughs, and perhaps the most wins!

With the complete range of playing ability, from total beginners to recent internationals, it truly was a tournament for all. The BBQ and refreshments at lunch time also enabled players to bound from morning to afternoon matches with enthusiasm and energy (well, some players anyway!)

The Gunthers returned from Holland to defend their title, but they didn't find it as easy going this season and they had to work to win their matches.

Other teams enjoyed the Korfball and the opportunity to play teams they wouldn't normally play, and learn from those teams.

After the morning games, the pools were fixed for the afternoon, and it was all to play for.

Finally, it came to the finals for each division. And then, after a penalty shoot out in one final, the final results were in!

Cup Winners: Gunthers
Plate Winners: CKC Sunshine
Bowl Winners: KV1
Spoon Winners: House Crashers

For those that were there, we hope you enjoyed yourself, and for those who weren't, we hope to see you next year.