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Croydon 1 shock Nottingham City 1 at home

Croydon 1 travelled to Nottingham with a different team to the one that lost heavily to Bec the week before. Andy and Sarah Withers were both unavailable and Lorna Elliott was a late withdrawal due to injury, meaning Ed Chaney and Karen James were both promoted from Croydon 2. Coach Butters decided to concentrate on coaching and doubled up as the only sub available.

Croydon started with Anna Jeanes (c), Karen James, Dan Pratt and Zak Omar in 1st attack with Grace Stimpson, Jane Belfourd, Ed Chaney and Vernon Ellis in defence. Notts started well with Joe Bedford scoring a simple running in but CKC responded with a well taken drop off goal from James. Croydon began playing a disciplined game taking good controlled shots, resulting in a penalty won by Pratt who stepped up to score. Over the next 25 minutes the game continued at a fairly controlled pace with Croydon scoring regularly, something they have failed to do so far this season. Chaney scored a drop off after a long shot from Ellis that hit the basket and was collected by Chaney. Pratt continued the good attacking and sank a turn around shot. Ref Dave Bond gave a penalty against Notts for fouling whilst Pratt was passing to James who was free to shoot. Again Pratt scored with no problems. Notts had left Nickerson and Ikwuemesi on the side and now realised they were in a match, but were unable to pull away. Coach Butters called a time out with the scores level and only 5 minutes to go to steady the CKC defence which had started give away easy turnovers. Chaney in only his 2nd ever premier league match along with Omar were rebounding and picking off loose balls in defence while Ellis was able to beat his player for a well taken running in shot giving the visitors a 1 goal lead going into half time at 7-8.

Butters continued giving his team self belief, stating the second half would again need to be controlled and disciplined putting Notts under pressure, CKC started well with an Ellis long shot but Notts started to step up their play and 10 minutes in brought on Johnny Nickerson and ex Mitcham player Heather Ikwuemesi. Notts were now arguably at full strength with the game level and still 20 minutes to go. CKC's Pratt was having a great match scoring another drop off and converted a penalty won by Omar. Tensions were getting to players as Notts now realised they could actually lose the match. Jeanes and Stimpson and Belfourd were holding their own against established international players and with 15 minutes to go Notts brought on their 3rd sub. Notts' Bedford was the strongest player in the home team and was causing problems for the CKC defence. With 12 minutes to go Coach Butters brought himself on for Chaney to contain Bedford and felt his experience would be better suited on the pitch than off it. City, with loud support, went 2 up with two quick long shots from Hannah Lorrimer with only about 5 minutes left on the clock. This was the first time in the match (other than the 1st goal) that edged the home side ahead. Pratt was not to be outdone and a converted penalty and a drop off pulled Croydon back into the match, giving Pratt his 8th goal. Another CKC time out to re-focus minds and see out the final few minutes, again concentrating on good positioning and discipline. With 3 minutes left and the scores level CKC won a penalty after a foul on a girl. Butters stepped up to the spot and scored with now less than 2 minutes to go Butters sank a long shot giving CKC a 2 goal lead. Notts couldn't quite believe that they were on the brink of losing and a final push saw them score a long shot before Dave Bond blew for time. Final score: 16-17 to Croydon.

Taking into account the new sections, lack of subs, playing away in Nottingham and with three 1st team players unavailable, this result was probably the biggest upset in the Premier League over the past 5 years.

Match Report by Dave | Updated by Andy

Final Score: Nottingham City 1 16 vs 17 Croydon 1

D Pratt

V Ellis

Z Omar

E Chaney

D Butters

G Codd

K James

J Hudspith

A Jeanes

Submitted by Sarah | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 3 hang on for a close win

A rosy-cheeked and slightly chilly Croydon 3 met up for their away fixture against Supernova 1. For half the team the journey began at Platform 12, as Paul and the mini-Jeanes led Steph, Zoe, Lynda and Steve R through the back streets of SW11 to meet the rest of the team.

Croydon were feeling confident following their win last week over Nomads, and were looking for another victory. Attack consisted of Paul Jeanes (c), Mark Irving, Sarah Hole and Zoe Shewell. In defence were Andy Burnham, Steve Chadd, Steph Robinson, and Lynda Barker. The hall itself was quite small and had a slippery surface, which Croydon did well on to avoid any slips or slides. Supernova started the game but failed to score, and our defence secured the ball. In attack Croydon started confidently and energetically. The first goal came as Zoe took the feed position, and Paul slipped past his player for a running-in shot. Croydon doubled their lead soon after when Sarah won a penalty, and Paul cleanly converted it. A quick break in play followed as Paulís opponent jumped for the collect, and elbowed his team mate in the eye.

Croydon continued strongly after the 5 minute time-out, with Andy scoring a drop-off goal following an accurate long-diagonal pass from Steve C. Lynda got herself on to the score board next with a running-in shot. Supernova got their first goal of the game with a free-pass, but soon after gave away two penalties which Paul scored. Lynda finished off the half with another goal to bring the half time score to 1-7.

The half-time break seemed to inspire Supernova more than it did Croydon. The first Croydon attack of the new half was very static, and Supernova intercepted the ball quickly. Supernova fought their way back in to the match, scoring a running-in shot and some long-shots. Andy grabbed a goal for Croydon by converting a penalty, and Lynda scored soon after by turning in the feed to run on to the ball and score under the post. Supernova kept up the pressure, especially in defence where they tightly marked each and every pass and intercepted quite a few. The full-time whistle came just at the right time and, with a one-goal difference, Croydon claimed their 3rd win of the season.

A good win for Croydon, but a nervous one towards the end. Some tight defending from Supernova and persistence in attack meant that they dominated the second half. Thankfully Croydon had done enough in the first-half to ensure the lead and the win.

Match Report by Zoe | Updated by Sarah

Final Score: Supernova 1 8 vs 9 Croydon 3

P Jeanes

A Burnham

S Chadd

M Irving

L Barker

S Hole

S Robinson

Z Shewell

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |