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Croydon 3 take on top of the table Bec 3

Both teams managed to battle the Mother's Day traffic so had an extended warm-up while we waited for the ref to do the same. Our sections were Paul Jeanes (c), Mark Irving, Helen Umpleby and Stephanie Robinson starting in defence (yes in defence Lynda!) with Andy Burnham, Steve Chadd, Sarah Hole and Kathy Dean leading our attack.

During our warm-up the boys appeared to have an agenda - Steph took a ball in the face, while Sarah and Helen got caught with the ball on their heads. Kathy we noted escaped (for the time being).

Right this is where the match report gets sketchy as I'm nowhere near as good as the rest of the match reporters and can't remember much about the sequence of play... [if anyone can remember more details please feel free to add it in] I do know that at half-time the score was 8-2 and we played some good korfball. Unfortunately for us Bec3 who were at the top of the league were also having a good game and to be fair their movement was fab and definitely something for us to aspire to.

After the break we continued to work hard and close our opponents down. Both sections put some good moves together but it was not to be and the final score was 14-4. The Croydonites should not be despondent as we played well against the team that had just won the league and we'd held up well.

Oh and in case you're wondering - the ball did get Kathy during the game and in her words "it was a well placed bum."

Match Report by Steph | Updated by Andy

Final Score: Bec 3 14 vs 4 Croydon 3

A Burnham

S Chadd

M Irving

P Jeanes

K Bradford

S Hole

S Robinson

H Umpleby

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