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Croydon 1 let themselves down against Bec 1

Croydon travelled to St Mary's for a match starting at 6am. Okay, so it wasn't actually a 6am start, but with the clocks going forward an hour as well as the earliest start time of the season, it sure felt like it for some of the Croydonites!

Croydon lined up with Butters, Jeanes (c), Omar, and James in attack, with Stimpson, Pratt, Ellis and Belfourd in defence.

In the first half Croydon didn't play anywhere near their best. They looked sluggish and lacked concentration in defence whilst in attack they lacked passing accuracy, and the sections struggled to work out what their game plan was.

At half time, coach Butters let his thoughts be known in no uncertain terms.

The 2nd half started better, with defensive errors reduced and passes more controlled. The sections started to function properly, but it was still too little too late. The final score of 20-5 was a fair reflection of the match.

Croydon may have a number of players who weren't 100% illness-free today and some absentees but they failed to play anywhere near their best, and that will have to change if they wish to remain in the Premier Division of the EKA next season.

Match Report by Anna | Updated by Andy

Final Score: Bec 1 20 vs 5 Croydon 1

Z Omar

D Pratt

D Butters

V Ellis

K James

A Jeanes

G Codd

J Hudspith

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 2 narrowly miss out to Bec 2

Croydon 2 travelled to St Mary's to take on Bec 2 in the second of the early morning fixtures. They started with Ben Hale, Edwin Chaney, Lynda Barker and Julia Johnson in defence, captain Adam Champion started in attack with Hannah Evans, Zoe Shewell and Pete Lindsay.

Both teams started cautiously and were slow to get going, Croydon looked slightly fazed by the early start and gave away a penalty, Bec though failed to convert from the spot and Croydon were off the hook. The defence though didnít take notice of the warning signs and were punished with two quick goals to take the hosts off the mark. Only after going 2-0 down did Croydon start to liven up and were creating good chances, Hale scored a good long distance shot and Johnson followed it up to level the scores at 2-2.

Both teams were picking up the pace and the extra speed in the game forced Croydon into some mistakes, they gave away a penalty and this time Bec scored to inch ahead again. Croydon though had the bit between their teeth and were not going to give in, from the restart Shewell found herself in some space and scored from middle distance to once again tie it up at 3 a piece. Croydon had a penalty claim in attack after Barker was fouled taking a runner but it wasnít given, Bec though were given a penalty at the other end after Lindsay got tangled with his player. Bec made it 2 from 3 as they scored from the spot to take the scores to 4-3.

Croydon were determined to end the half well and with 5 minutes left they changed up a gear which left the hosts reeling, Barker nipped past her player to score a running in shot which levelled things again at 4-4, and just before half time Evans left her defender trailing to score a running in shot of her own to give the visitors their first lead of the game at 4-5, Bec didnít have time to launch a counter as the half time whistle blew.

Croydon started the second half as they ended the first, attacking well as a team and keeping Becís chances to a minimum, with some crucial interceptions from Chaney and Lindsay. The pressure led to extra time in attack and the hosts played the ball round under control, Champion was able to take his time with a shot from distance and it dropped through to give Croydon some breathing room at 4-6. Bec werenít out of the game though and they started to find gaps in Croydonís defence, they scored from long distance to bring themselves to within one. Bec soon had a chance to level after a curious decision to award the hosts a free pass; they scored from it and levelled the game once again at 6-6. The hosts retook the lead soon after when Bec were given another penalty, this one far from convincing but Bec scored nether the less.

The hosts were awarded another penalty in dubious circumstances and maybe justice prevailed when they missed their second of the game, Bec werenít kept out for long though and scored with a long shot, Chaney got one back with a long shot of his own but Bec replied with a drop off shot to make it 9-7.

Bec gained the largest lead of the game with a running in shot to make it 10-7 but even then they couldnít keep Croydon at bay, Evans scored from long range and then Johnson scored from a free pass to get Croydon within a goal again. Bec had an opportunity to pull away again with yet another penalty but their hit and miss day from the spot got worse and they missed their 3rd penalty, they scored from open play when it seemed their girl pushed through to get free and scored a runner.

With time running out it looked like Croydon would go home without the points but Evans tried to put some tension in the last few seconds as she scored from the back of the post but there was not enough time to get the equaliser as Bec played out the last half a minute to win 11-10.

Match Report by Sicknote | Updated by Andy

Final Score: Bec 2 11 vs 10 Croydon 2

B Hale

A Champion

E Chaney

P Lindsey

H Evans

L Barker

Z Shewell

J Johnson

Submitted by Sicknote | Scoring Breakdown |
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