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Calm heads and strong defence help give Croydon 2 a deserved win

Croydon 2 travelled to Ernest Beven for a bottom of the table clash which they knew could potentially make all the difference come the end of the season. Croydon had a fresh look to the team with Becky Pratt, Simon Mills, Andy Withers (c) and Susan Wright in first attack, while Edd Chaney, Luke James, Anna Jeanes and Julia Johnson took first defensive watch.

The game started as a tense affair with both teams defending outshining the attacking element which is why it took over 10 minutes for the first goal to register. When the first goal did finally arrive it allowed a steady stream of goals for one team and fortunately for Croydon it was the visiting team that had settled best, going 1, 2 and then 3 goals up. Bec 3 finally responded but only for Croydon to peg them back once again.

Going into half time Croydon had a 2-7 lead and although in confident mood were more than aware that a couple of goals would see their opponents truly BECk in the match (sorry). Croydon had defended brilliantly and were perhaps unfortunate not to have a greater lead had it not been for that damned cling film covered basket! Bec on the other hand seemed to be upset over the referee's decisions with one player on a final warning during the half and another seeking words with the man in charge at the interval.

The second half seemed to follow a similar pattern to the first with Croydon defending excellently conceding from long range efforts in one shot attacks, while their own attacks saw great work in the collect allowing multiple shots in each sequence. Johnson was a sight to behold in defence as her girl worked tirelessly without reward, James refused to be drawn into an aggressive match with his defender and Pratt enjoyed the space her girl gave her to find the basket from range several times.

With the game heading towards full time my memory becomes a little hazy... that's what happens after a 6 week injury absence! The important fact that stood by the end of the match was that Croydon had emerged victorious and secured a highly enjoyable win that erased memories of Bec's 'excitable' celebrations at Royal Russell earlier in the season.

Final score Bec 3 9-13 Croydon 2.

Well done to all on a good performance with thanks to Steve Wright's expert coaching and Adam Champion/Lorna Elliot's bench work!

Match Report by Simon | Updated by Simon

Final Score: Bec 3 9 vs 13 Croydon 2

L James

A Withers

E Chaney

S Mills

B Pratt

A Jeanes

S Wright

J Johnson

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