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Croydon 3 come back to beat Pelham 1

For our early start after scrapping ice of cars, we started with attack of Ben, Emma, Ian and Vicky and defense of Charlotte, Mark, Martin and myself.

It was a good start as Ian scored first after some nice section play, woo hoo! but then Pelham scored twice, boo hoo. As a team we were playing the ball around well and to prove that our section could score as well, Martin scored so we were still in the game or so we thought as Pelham again scored twice Doh! Martin then took a long shot or was it a perfect pass to me under the basket and yes I scored! Ben again was playing the game of if you defend me under the basket I will score so his goal or goals were disallowed as he was defended! just before the half time whistle Pelham scored and so did Ian leaving us losing 4 - 5.

Half time talk was Ian giving full instruction about the game and what we should do, with us all listening and thinking oo isn't he clever...

Ian's section started in defense and intercepted the ball and with Mark and Martin not being marked tight they were able to put up long shots, again I collected (thank you Steve for making us practise the little shot) and scored. Ben then obviously thought he had enough of defended little shots so threw up a long shot (I believe Ian shouted no) and it went in! my section then let in another goal so back to drawing. We then all turned up our play Ian converting a penalty, Pelham squeeze in another goal but we continued with Martin converting two penalties and Ian who really was in acceleration mode scored again. The final act was me giving Pelham a penalty for standing in the wrong place boo hoo but end score 10 - 8

A really good game with challenges and shots, interceptions, switches and think everyone should be proud of themselves. Well played all, sorry Vicky and Mark I split you up as sure Vicky would've converted her chances if Mark was the pass maker, Emma two handed shots would've gone in, Charlotte slotted in nicely and thanks to Owen for writing down scores as I've managed a match report with facts!

Match Report by Lorna | Updated by Lorna

Final Score: Pelham 1 8 vs 11 Croydon 3

I de la Mothe

M James

B Walsh

M Wright

L MacKay-Elliott

C Feakins

V Goode

E Sturgess

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