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Croydon 1 in goal fest against Trojans 1

It was a new look Croydon first team who travelled down the road to Trinity to take on league leaders Trojans. Together as a section for the first time were Driver, Jeanes, Ellis and Oosterling, whilst at the other end it was the new look of Stimpson, Wright, Hudspith and Champion.

Trojans got off to a flying start with a shot from way out wide, which sailed through the basket, and that set the mood for the first 10 minutes or so. Trojans were scoring some amazing shots and the Croydoners were giving them too much space. Croydon could only score a single goal, to Trojans 9 or so. It wasn't looking good.

Coach Paul Jeanes called a timeout and told people to mark tighter and work for long shots. His words of wisdom must have penetrated the minds of the Croydon players as they went back onto the pitch and scored the next two goals in a row.

With the bit between the teeth, Croydon were on the bounce, and dragged the score back to within a handful of goals. Trojans were still scoring shots from distance, the spot and runners, but they weren't pulling ahead in the manner they might have expected.

Half time came and went and it was much the same. Trojans scored, but Croydon also put balls in the basket. The magic number of 9 goals came and went, but Croydon didn't stop. Instead of struggling to get into double figures, each player in the team took it upon themselves to score, and indeed everyone was on the scoresheet by the end of the game.

We may not have won, but we played a solid game of Korfball, and came away with an impressive 17 goals. Reaching half the score of the league leaders was a feat in itself.

Match Report by Anna

Final Score: Trojans 1 34 vs 17 Croydon 1

V Ellis

N Hudspith

A Champion

J Oosterling

G Codd

S Wright

A Jeanes

H Robinson

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 2 lose to Bec 2

Croydon 2 played a changed side for the last few games and this one comprised coach and captain Jeanes in attack with Dom, kathy and julia, While Ed, Simon, Julia and Becky Dean started off in defence. Details are sketchy as I was trying to locate a girl due to Julia being the first casualty in warm-up. If it wasn't for Johan's expert physio work to patch up Julia before the game and during half-time we would be playing at least two players down. the game started off with Croydon playing a fantastic passing game which ultimately lead to a 3-1 lead. Bec 2 Coach Danny called a time out to adjust his team's attitude while the Croydon coach pointed out that we did need to work-on bringing the ball out of defence safely.
Bec 2 came out of the time out with some sort of magic sponge effect and quickly caught up. In actual fact Bec 2 returned to basics. Players started holding on the offensive collects and started pushing Croydon on passing. Croydon started to get suffocated and lost a little concentration at this point. Becki was the second to get injured as she hurt her back and again Johan came to the rescue helping to patch her up while the ref gave us an injury break. Bec 2 took advantage this chance and scored a hatfull of chances to go into half time at 9-4.

After the half Croydon came out fighting but by this time Bec 2 had settled into their groove. They seemed to pick up at least 2 collects in attack and put in feeds to help their players score. Croydon tried to remedy this while creating some wonderful attacking play themselves but unfortunately the chance didn't fall. There were at least 3 chances that I can remember right under the post. Croydon still tried to stick to the plan and were now getting better at moving the ball around as well as out of their defence once they had a turnover.

The final whistle came and with it the end of the game. Croydon 2 has seen much improvement in its recycling, attacking shooting game in the last few games. Goals are now regularly coming from players across the division. Adding a little bit of a clinical finish on our chances will be the difference over the next few games which will turn these losses into wins.
A big thank you to Steve Wright for shot clocking, Susan and Johan for coming up to support and Becky Dean for stepping up and grafting in the second team seamlessly.

Match Report by Zuton | Updated by Zuton

Final Score: Croydon 2 9 vs 24 Bec 2

P Jeanes

E Chaney

D Bradford

S Mills

K Bradford

J Johnson

B Lockett

B Pratt

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |
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