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First half dominance gives Croydon 2 superb win against Supernova 1

Croydon 2 once again travelled to a small, cold Millwall hall this time to face Supernova - a side who despite their league position had (thanks to close results in most of their games this season) a similar goal difference, although having played one game less than the blues.

With Steve Wright on the sideline offering advice, the team set out with stand in coach Nigel Hudspith, Pete Lindsey, Kathy Bradford and sister Becky Dean in first attack whilst captain Simon Mills, Ed Chaney, Sarah Hole and Susan Wright went into first defence.

Croydon made a great start and soon found themselves two goals in front. Supernova were finding it incredibly difficult to match their opponents and although it took some time for the visitors' second attack to find their rhythm, it was the away side that extended the lead to 4 goals without reply. From this point on Croydon didn't look back and continued bossing the game, seemingly scoring from nigh on every attack while Supernova at best managed a single shot before the ball was gobbled up by an impressive Croydon collect. The visitors piled on the pressure on every ball and forced a number of misplaced passes from the hosts both in attack and defence. Bradford's sharp movement in the feed provided a number of chances which set up numerous goals for Lindsey and Hudspith.

When the half time whistle blew Croydon's outstanding control of the ball, pressure on their opponents and lethal shooting saw them lead by 11 goals to 1 (a solitary penalty none the less). Hudspith and Wright had a relatively easy talk to give during the break with the team playing superbly.

The one thing mentioned from the half time talk was to deny Nova the first goal of the second half in order to deny them the chance to gain some confidence. Unfortunately, after several minutes of staunch resistance, that's exactly what seemed to happen. The hosts got their goal and it seemed to give them new life as they found renewed vigour. Croydon found themselves marked much tighter and struggled to make the same composed passes and shots they had in the first half.

Croydon were called for travelling several times which frustrated several of their players including Captain Mills who missed a penalty. He had the last laugh however bagging two smart goals from each side of behind the post in reply to two of Supernova's goals.

Before the finish there was time for Croydon to give one of their rising stars the opportunity to get a taste of life in the regional league as youngster Adam Stevens replaced Hudpsith with 7 minutes remaining.

At the full time whistle the score finished Croydon (2) 16-5 Supernova, a fine result despite a second half scoreline of 4-4. The visitors could feel proud of their performance, especially in the first half as they managed to do what no other team had done this season and dominated the team from Central London.

Match Report by Simon | Updated by Anna

Final Score: Supernova 1 5 vs 16 Croydon 2

P Lindsey

S Mills

E Chaney

N Hudspith

A Stevens

S Wright

S Hole

K Bradford

B Lockett

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Girls get together and swing it for Croydon against Nova

Croydon 4 lined up against Supernova 4 on Sunday afternoon. Used to being dictated to by his daughters Jon agreed that the twins could play together as could Katie and Hannah. He did not regret the decision.

First attack was Kay, Ellen, Paul W and Jon and first defence Hannah J , Katie, Craig and David. It was a slow start but Croydon edged ahead when Jon sunk a shot from 4m after going close on a couple of occasions. He then proceeded to take out one of the twins but she was made of stern stuff and carried on regardless. Meanwhile Supernova scored 2 running in shots and a penalty to go into half time 3-1 up.
Words of encouragement from Jon and Nigel followed and Croydon went out fired up for the second half. Ellen scored a runner to make it 3-2 (I even think she did it underhand) and then Hannah got a runner to square the game at 4-4. Jon at last took one of his running in shots to score and quickly followed it up with a penalty to move up to 6-4. Supernova pegged one back but Hannah sealed the game with a shot from 4m.

So much for the nuts and bolts. This was a game which Croydon were determined to win despite being 2 goals down at half time. The ends worked hard for each other and it was noticeable that the two girl pairs knew exactly where they were going to be-they played so well together. One down side was the number of penalties we conceded (and thankfully Supernova definitely need some penalty practice). This was a reverse of last week's game against Mitcham where we lost it in the second half but on today's showing we can avenge that result in two weeks' time. Well done everyone.

Match Report by JonD | Updated by Andy
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Final Score: Supernova 4 5 vs 7 Croydon 4

J Dean

D Hughes

C Stevens

P Westbury

H Jarrett

E Swygart

K Swygart

K Butler

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