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Sensational Croydon 2 end Highbury 1's unbeaten run

After a pointless start to the season Croydon 2 were facing a massive challenge going up against the Highbury 1 who had already denied Croydon 1 a win just a couple of weeks ago. The team lined up with Kathy Bradford, Simon Mills ©, Zu Munshi and Kay Swygart in first attack, leaving Vernon Ellis, Anna Jeanes, Adam Stevens and Ellen Swygart with defensive duties.

Despite an optimistic team talk from coach Colin, just minutes into the game it looked like it could be another long day for the blues as the visitors ran into a quick 3 goal lead. However that was a good as things would get for Highbury and as Croydon started to find their rhythm in both attack and defence; the score line as well as a the game got a lot closer.

After some early sighters Ellis seemed to be on fire and with the boys now playing out front Highbury seemed unable to cope with Jeanes and (Ellen) Swygart's terrific post play, as the two dominated their section. Meanwhile the other section were also looking strong as Mills controlled the post, Bradford and (Kay) Swygart's movement seemed to cause trouble of their own.

The first half seemed to whir by in a blur but the break Croydon had not only brought themselves back into the game but were now leading and went into the interval with their heads held high and a cautious optimism.

As the second half started Highbury tried to mix things up in an attempt to get themselves back into the game with defenders switching players in an attempt to get to grips with Croydon's dominance around the post but despite scoring a goal or two, Croydon were able to adapt well to the change and were soon once again commanding the game winning ball after ball and foul after foul as the reds frustration grew.

Before the game was done there was time for Luke James to get on the pitch (and the scoreline) replacing Munshi with around 10 minutes left.

By the time the final whistle blew Croydon had comfortably earned their first points of the season, nonetheless with a win against a team unbeaten against some very strong opposition. Every player could be proud of their performance and most certainly a great team effort yielded a fantastic performance leaving both the team and coach Colin buzzing.

Ellis couldn't stop scoring with a highly impressive 6 goals, Munshi added 4 of his own and captain Mills kept up his 100% record from the penalty spot. Ellen and Kay Swygart demonstrated just why they are being tipped for big things with terrific performances constantly snatching the ball away from Highbury's clutches (whether boy or girl!)

Speaking about the victory Munshi said "[I] want to thank the supporters who came to the game and cheered. Special mention (has to go) to the twins who put in an inspiring shift especially in defence taking on the Highbury boys and winning the ball."

If Croydon 2 can continue with the level of performances they have started to put in, they can be a match for any team in this division - a warning for their next opponents: Croydon 1!

Match Report by Simon | Updated by Simon

Final Score: Croydon 2 15 vs 7 Highbury 1

V Ellis

S Mills

A Stevens

Z Omar

L James

E Swygart

K Swygart

K Bradford

A Jeanes

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Croydon 3 beat Nomads 5 in an easier and very friendly game

With only 3 players from last week the 3rds looked like their usual line up with 1st attack of Annie (ribs intact), Charlotte (ready to fight for a place) with last week regulars Dom and Stephen. Defence therefore was Julie (keeping her last week place) Adam (old one, now we have a young one) with Martin (you know you cant keep away) and me (yeah, back to chatting and playing without being too breathless).

Stephen started us off with after converting his running in shot but a foul in defence lead to wise Sally scoring the penalty. Adam after weeks of not training got free for a runner then slotted in a neat 3m. Quick change and Stephen scores from 6m then one of the young future Nomads players to watch scores. Martin thinking that he needed to be on the score sheet goes for a runner Goal!

Annie under the post in defence lets the ball rebound off her bottom, beautifully into the path a Nomads player who scores! oo score 5 - 3 to Croydon but I must add, most of the Nomads team had kindly played Croydon 5 as a friendly and had young players in their team. Stephen ready to win scores the next goal but these young players were quick with runners too!

My section was working on Julie as I thought she should score and think about playing and position and yep Goal! Julie gets a runner (after a little lie on the floor) Dom then scores the next two so half time 10 - 4 to us.

Team talk, as Dom and Stephen had scored, their section was to work on Annie and Charlotte as the boys had the best of their players so lets make the girls work. Our section was to continue...

With a heckle from Lynda I scored a long shot, Martin scored. We let in a goal, I shouted at the boys down in attack to let the girls attack. Dom from a collect scores so change and step up Julie bang two!! all change and this time the boys did work on the girls who tried runners in and drop shots to no avail hence Dom's two!! Nomads squeeze another one in and final goal from me as under the post so really I shouldnt miss but as final whistle so end of game.

A good win with challenges but Nomads played youth (nothing to add there as it made Stephen look old ha ha) Well done and hope you all enjoyed the game. Thank you Luke for ref, Craig for writing scores and everyone who came to watch. Even Croydon's new chief Collin, you know you were impressed!

Match Report by Lorna

Final Score: Croydon 3 17 vs 6 Nomads 5

D Bradford

S Gooch

A Champion

M James

J Green

L MacKay-Elliott

A Campbell

C Feakins

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5's all round for Croydon 5

With Nomads being unable to field a legal team, it was an easy ‘win’ for Croydon 5.
However, Croydon launched into the game with as much enthusiasm as ever with Tom, Bryan, Hannah and Emily in attack, and Laura, Phil, Sally and John in defence.
And who should Phil be defending but… our very own Dom Bradford! Filling in for Nomads who were short a boy.
Tom kicked the game off with a beautiful long shot, but after several shots dropping short and a missed penalty by Croydon, Nomads were leading 2-1.
A nasty ankle injury for poor John saw him subbed off for…. Dom! (By this time the 4th Nomads boy had arrived.)
Girl Power took over for a while, with some beautiful interceptions by Sally and Laura, and a sneaky goal from Hannah under the post.
Having swapped reffing with Dom at half time, Luke came on to bump up the score to 4-4. With Bryan and Phil putting up plenty of shots, it was Emily that finally found the basket to score here first goal for CKC woooo!!

Good job guys – lots of shots going up, just remember to stretch and wait for the collect!

Match Report by Kathy
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Final Score: Croydon 5 5 vs 5 Nomads 6

T Raffield

P Aish

B Burr

L James

D Bradford

J Lindsay

E Dean

H Raffield

L Lambird

S Roberts

Submitted by Kathy | Scoring Breakdown |
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