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Croydon 1 keep fighting but come up short against Kingfisher

Starting attack is Anna Jeanes, Nigel Hudspith, Hannah Robinson and Adam Stevens. Defence Andy Bovey, Kathy Bradford (c), Simon Mills and Kim Munro.

With a solid start and a few near misses Croydon have started well with good pace, formation and passing.

Kingfisher are first on the score board with a short shot 0-1. A quick Croydon response with a short range shot from Hannah brings it level 1-1. Kingfisher get in another short shot making it 1-2. Free pass to Kingfisher, eases in the basket 1-3.

Penalty to Croydon, Nigel takes it and misses, Kingfisher rush in for the rebound and the referee gives another penalty. Nigel sinks it this time round 2-3.

Time out for a Kingfisher injury and substitution is made.

Kingfisher continue with a long range shot 2-4. The ball quickly returns to Kingfisher attack and with an open running in shot brings it to 2-5.

The ball returns to Kingfisher’s attack and an easy shot goes in 2-6. Back to Kingfisher with a mid-range shot and score 2-7.

A good shot from Nigel unluckily doesn't go in. Free pass given, Anna takes it with the ball passing round without a goal.

Back to Kingfisher attack and a short shot sinks 2-8.

With a speedy pass into feed Andy attempts a running in shot then passes to Simon for a drop off shot that narrowly misses. Good energy from Croydon!

An under the post shot from Kingfisher sneaks in 2-9. Croydon time out. Hopefully wise words from Colin will rally Croydon.

Kingfisher with a strong and fast attack, quickly get in a mid-range shot 2-10. Can Croydon bring it back with some more goals?

Kingfisher speed past with a running in shot 2-11. Penalty to Croydon Nigel takes it the hall goes quiet… yes! 3-11.
Quick play from Kingfisher results with a nice drop off shot 3-12.
The ball returns to Kingfisher attack and with a short shot under the post makes it 3-13.

Free pass to Croydon and the ball bounces off the rim of the basket, unlucky.
Kingfisher reply with another easy goal 3-14. Kingfisher attack again making it 3-15.

Half time 3-15. Croydon need to find some shape to their attack and fight hard for the rebounds.

Start of the second half and a penalty given to Kingfisher 3-16.
Ball back in Kingfisher’s attack free pass given and missed! Good defence from Croydon.
A nice back of court shot goes in for Kingfisher 3-17. Another mid-range shot from Kingfisher 3-18.
The goals are getting in quickly.

Fresh legs for Kingfisher with a substitution. A Kingfisher shot goes in making it 3-19.
Another mid-range shot Kingfisher 3-20. Kingfisher have found their groove and another strong attack brings it to 3-21. Strong play from Kingfisher continues with a mid-range shot 3-22.

A good attack from Croydon results in a couple of near misses. Good collecting from Adam.

Kingfisher defeat Croydon’s defence with a runner 3-23.

Simon responds and sinks one for Croydon 4-23. A good Croydon attack and another near miss from Simon.
Croydon substitution Simon Pavey on for Simon Mills.

Mid-range shot from Kingfisher 4-24. Kingfisher substitution. Strong attack from Kingfisher results in another goal 4-25.

Back to Croydon attack and a beautiful long shot from a defenceless Nigel sails through the basket 5-25! Kingfisher immediately responds 5-26.

Penalty to Kingfisher, missed. Free pass given to Kingfisher 5-27.

A lovely running in shot by Anna narrowly misses the basket. Rebound back to Anna and it goes in 6-27!
Kingfisher with quick pace sink another 6-28. Penalty to Kingfisher 6-29.
An unlucky long shot from Simon Pavey bounces out of the basket.

Kathy scores 7-29 buzzer goes off referee eventually allows it as a goal.
Kingfisher respond 7-30. Another Kingfisher penalty 7-31.

Full time 7-31 to Kingfisher.

Match Report by Janine

Final Score: Croydon 1 7 vs 31 Kingfisher 1

N Hudspith

A Bovey

A Stevens

S Mills

S Pavey

K Bradford

A Jeanes

H Robinson

K Munro

Submitted by Kathy | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 2 march past Mitcham 1

Match report not written yet

Final Score: Croydon 2 20 vs 11 Mitcham 1

S Pavey

D Bradford

E Chaney

S Wright

A Campbell

J Hudspith

L Nicholls

L Williamson

S Wright

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 3 lose out to Highbury 2

A very new Croydon 3 line up turned up to play at Royal Russell:

With Paul, Tom, Julia and Zoe in attack, it was Craig, Jon, Kay and Ellen who began Croydon's defense.

Croydon took the opportunity to quickly begin the game - Paul fed out the ball to Tom for a running in shot; unfortunately this early opportunity just skimmed the basket. This led to lots of sighs from the supporters on the side line for Tom who seemed eager to show his ability with his debut in thirds.

Highbury soon woke up and there was good defense from both teams with both sides putting plenty of shots up as everyone was eager to gain the first goal of the game. Unfortunately some mistimed defending led to the first of many penalties - this time to Highbury, who were unable to convert this to a goal. This was quickly followed by a free pass to Highbury, which also missed the basket.

More passing back and forth between the teams led to another penalty to Highbury, which went in - first goal of the game. This was quickly responded to by a penalty to Croydon - which was kindly converted to their first goal of the game by Paul.

Another free pass to Highbury (Croydon were obviously playing dirty!) which was missed. Then a penalty to Croydon (Highbury were not giving in easily either) which was slotted in by Craig - this led to the only lead Croydon would have this game (2-1). Highbury soon responded to the penalty with some good passes around the newly formed Croydon 3s to get the first goal within open play.

With a switch of ends, Highbury soon slotted in another goal (2-3) that Paul happily responded to with a perfectly timed running in shot (3-3). However it was Highbury who responded with the next 3 goals (3-6) and with a penalty (3-7) it was time for half time and some thoughts and support from the sidelines.

At the start of the second half, Croydon were awarded a Free pass which was unable to find the basket. Highbury began the scoring in this half too with two well timed goals. Croydon were defending well throughout with many shots going up and hitting the basket; however Highbury seemed to have the experience of playing together and managed to find a gap slotting in another goal before Tom managed to reply with his first goal for the thirds. Highbury soon managed to get another goal in before Ellen also slotted hers in the basket.

More free passes and penalties awarded; however no more goals from these. The last goal for croydon came from a lovely runner from Julia before another Highbury goal pushed the score to 6-13.

Everyone played well and kept momentum going throughout the game with lots of shots going up with many hitting the basket.

Match Report by HannahR | Updated by HannahR

Final Score: Croydon 3 6 vs 13 Highbury 2

P Jeanes

T Raffield

C Stevens

J Dean

J Johnson

E Swygart

Z Shewell

K Swygart

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |

Croydon 4 sneak past Mitcham 2 to remain top of the table

Croydon 4 Sections

1st Attack: Mark W, Callum, Hannah, Vicky
1st Defence: Mark B, Steve, Dawn, Jade/Alice

Croydon 4 were looking to consolidate their position at the top of the league table whilst keeping an eye over their shoulder for Nomads who, before the day's play, were equal on points with Croydon. The Mitcham line-up was all change from their previous match and boasted some strong players from their higher team. Croydon would need to be at their best.

The game began at a frenetic pace with Mitcham looking for long passes and balls over the top. Croydon easily dealt with this tactic and made a great number of interceptions early on. Good attacking build up led to the first free pass of the day to Croydon but the following shot missed the mark. Callum also went close as he evaded his Mitcham opponent to bounce a shot off the edge of the basket. In defence, with Mitcham a girl down, Croydon managed to deal with any attacking threat and send the ball back quickly to mount a new Croydon attack. 0-0 after the early exchanges.

The deadlock was then broken as Mark W made a powerful run to lose his marker and drop a runner for 1-0. Following the goal Mitcham tried to play even faster, too fast, as sloppy passes and a general sense of confusion took over in their defence. Mark W took full advantage of this to again leave his player behind and slot in a second runner within minutes! 2-0 and a change of ends.

Mitcham regained some composure after the short jog to switch sides and began to build a few passes together and work the post. A number of clever passes led to Mitcham finding space at short range and drop a shot in to bring the scores back to 2-1. Dawn, as the nominated non-shooter, was finding time and space to collect and recycle the ball for the remainder of her section leading to a number of shooting chances. Passing was slick and crisp with Jade, Mark and Steve all managing the find space for shots; Steve went very close a couple of times shooting from distance. Out of nowhere Mitcham managed to claw their way back to 2-2 following a short range shot which must have been very close to being defended. Nevertheless it was now 2-2 and another change of ends.

Mitcham were back in the game and starting to fight (hard) for every ball, defending stoutly and making blocks. With this increased energy came a lack of discipline and in a matter of minutes Croydon had been gifted a penalty and a free pass. The penalty was missed, but blown up for a retake, missed again and then the free pass opportunity also went astray. Unlucky Croydon! Croydon were having more of the ball and chances but could not find the basket. Mitcham made good use of their next period of possession and sunk a long range effort for 2-3 and almost immediately followed this with a medium range shot for 2-4. Another change of ends with Croydon having conceded four without reply!

Mark B worked the space well for an attempted runner which just sailed passed the edge of the basket. As if inspired by Mark's effort, Steve then also lost his marker for a speedy runner which this time dropped to give Croydon a way back into the game 3-4! At the other end a penalty was awarded to Mitcham following an illegally blocked runner. Mitcham made no mistake and regained their two goal cushion and change ends at 3-5.

With half time approaching and Croydon desperate to close the gap, the Croydon attack quickly worked the ball to create a flurry of chances. Vicky found space under the post to dink the ball over the lip of the basket for 4-5! Hannah then sidestepped her defender to receive the ball from feed and sink a runner to level the scores at 5-5! Game on! The half time whistle sounded and the teams went into the break level.

Following advice from the sidelines Croydon were ready to give it everything to get the win they so desperately needed. Things got off to a great start as yet more Mitcham fouling led to Steve being able to convert a penalty, his second goal of the game, 6-5. At the other end some good Mitcham work around the post led to a runner for 6-6. Mitcham were piling on the pressure and Dawn, Alice (subbed for Jade at HT), Mark and Steve were everywhere in defence! Hannah rattled the basket from long range with her trademark one hander and this was followed by near misses for Callum, Vicky and Mark. Mitcham by this stage were fighting with everything they had - the match had taken on a tense and nerve jangling atmosphere with neither team willing to give any quarter or show weakness. Eventually though, with time ticking away, the ball found its mark and it was for Croydon's Mark from a medium distance, 7-6! Croydon back in front!

With only a matter of minutes to survive the whole Croydon team dug deep to hold onto their slender lead. Mitcham were keeping the ball well and Croydon could not gain any length of time in possession. A burst of the referee's whistle signalled not the end of the match, but a Mictham free pass! Expertly defended the ball didn't find the target, still 7-6! Another whistle, surely that was it?! But no, another free pass in Mitcham's favour and again Croydon defended the ball well and were able to snuff out the chance. Croydon scrapped to fight for the ball and with encouraging shouts from the spectators they managed to string a few passes together in an attempt to see out the time. The last action of the day saw a frustrated Mitcham give away a free pass. The subsequent pass and shot was not converted by Croydon but seconds later the final whistle sounded to cheers from the team and spectators - Croydon had clung on to their one goal lead to win the match 7-6! Whilst the whole team fought hard and all were worthy of MVP, the spectators agreed that Mark W, who opened the scoring and scored the winning goal deserved the MVP for this match.

With the tough prospect of Bec 5 visiting Royal Russell next and Nomads losing ground (we later discovered), Croydon 4 will continue their battle for the league next Sunday! Hopefully my nails will have grown back then!!


Match Report by HannahR | Updated by HannahR

Final Score: Croydon 4 7 vs 6 Mitcham 2

M Wright

S Chadd

M Birch

C Elliott

V Goode

H Raffield

D Aindow

J Arnold

A Fischer

Submitted by Anna | Scoring Breakdown |
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