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Ivan Aquino

The recent defeat at the hands of Mitcham was Ivan's last for CKC. He has moved jobs and will be shortly moving to live in Barcelona. He offered to commute but it was felt that his inability to arrive on time when living in the UK meant the offer had to be politely declined.

A lucky escapee from Bec, he joined Croydon back in 2000, winning the BKA Cup in his first season against Invicta. Since then he's not troubled the British Korfball historians too much. He's been worth a notable 40 or so goals a season though, however he's main strength is in defence and he's generally been tasked with taking the opposition's liveliest attacker.

A personal favourite from the archives of Aquino performances is a friendly some seasons ago against Mitcham in which Ivan, wine-swiller by trade, turned up half cut after meeting up with friends before the game for a "few" beers. Suffice to say his passing was (even) more erratic than usual and the game obviously passed him by in a flash - much like his opponents that day.

The highlight of his performances this season include a hat-ful in the Europa Shield - one match he was unstoppable (so were they: we still lost!) - and a recent fixture against the mighty Nomads 3. Bondy didn't know what had hit him. Eight goals later (yes eight not nine - we did a count-back) and Ivan still found time for some truly atrocious misses wide open under the basket... and as for penalties - let's not go there.

He has been described as a dark-haired Graham Norton in his time and we're pleased to report that a kind Mr Norton is yet to pursue this through the courts.

So he'll be fondly remembered - who can forget the oh-so-innocent "who me?" expression, the one just after he's bumped someone where he puts his hands behind his back or those tight shirts and shorts? Rumours that he left due to the new baggy kit are unfounded and simply untrue.