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Croydon Tournament lives up to its high reputation

Sunday 30th June saw the Croydon Annual Outdoor Tournament maintain its position as the best tournament in the country. With teams from around the country, and referees from around the world, it was a stunning day of Korfball all round.

The warm, sunny weather helped, as did the burgers from the BBQ, but it was the players and the teams that took part that really made it work so well. There were competitive matches, fun matches and, towards the end, tired legged matches!

"For teams who aren't here, you don't know what you are missing", said one enthusiastic player.

There were old players, young players; old hands, young hands; old spectators, young spectators; everyone was represented!

The final division winners were:

Cup: Bec 1 took the title after beating Kingfisher in the final.
Plate: Southampton Spartans beat Croydon Blue to take the Plate title.
Bowl: Croydon Black beat Supernova to bring some silverware to the home club.

Under 13s was won by KV.
Under 11s was won by Harrow Vultrix.
Under 9s was won by Bromley.

Congratulations to all teams.

And thanks to one and all for making it such a wonderful and enjoyable day.
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Story by Anna | Updated by Sarah
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