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Pub: Tree House

Type: Traditional
Location: 78 South End, Croydon CR0 1DP
Maps: Multimap | Google Maps
Phone Number: 020 8688 9837
Website: http://www.treehousepeople.com/
Rating: 4.3 / 10

I was oing to write a report for this but simon has covered most of the main pitfalls, except the fact there is no lock on the gents and only one urinal tucked so far against the wall you have to go sideways. £15 for 4 vodka redbulls is more than enough to cover the cost of the drinks and the staff's wages but that isn't the worst part, they use 2 cans to fill the 4 glasses thus charging far too much for far too little. After coming from a JD wetherspoons where you can get a round for around a fiver, the price took me a little while to get over. The wierd fetish rods hanging from the ceiling just added to the dingy atmosphere

Rating: 3.0 | Reviewer: Sicknote | Review Date: 27 Jan 07
Upon first entering you are greeted by a cupboard which insists on charging £3 for entry. Now considering some of the prices in Croydon this is perhaps on the cheap side. But that is where it ends. Once you have found the bar up a couple of narrow flights of stairs (god help you coming down after too good a night!) you find a very dark area with a pretty dingy bar. The best thing about the bar is the kind faced blonde barmaid, who if you are after something vodka related will do her best to overfill the shotcup and dribble a little excess into your glass. Excellent you think! Until you enquire as to how much the round comes to. As lovely as the barmaid is she can't help but blush from embarrassment as she reveals the figure you would associate more with a night out then the one round of drinks your bought. The music is an interesting mix, some will do enough to have you up on your feet (assuming you are being harassed by Lorna!) while the next song will have you back at your seat faster then speedy gonzalez on steroids. The evening will certainly start off slow but by the time the pubs have chucked out the place starts to get slightly more full, but don't expect a completely packed out house. End of the day this is the kind of place you go for a more civilised middle aged crowd (certainly based on some of the "young ladies" attending tonight -excluding our group) who are comfortable with what they have in their pockets, if you do not fall into this crowd then you are likely not to see the results of these people beyond 1am!

Rating: 4.0 | Reviewer: Simon | Review Date: 27 Jan 07
Supposed to be good

Rating: 6.0 | Reviewer: Andy | Review Date: 22 Sep 06
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