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Restaurant: Wagamama

Type: Japanese
Location: Croydon flyover or thereabouts
Rating: 6.0 / 10

Wagamama is a mix of chinese and japanese food. They serve food quickly and tend to write your order on the paper tablecloths (they type it into a hand-held device and then write the number of your dishes on the tablecloths. I thought it would be funy to also write little funny messages but a very stern waitress got her pen and scribbled it out). The food was good, bit perculiar at times and i did enjoy the raw juice (cucmber, carrot, apple and orange). the names can be confusing on the menu and the waiters don't give you much time to decide as they keep interrupting. It feels more like a place for a quick meal rather than a leisurely luncheon...

Rating: 6.0 | Reviewer: Zuton | Review Date: 30 Nov 06
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